Press Release of the COE : European Muslims are stigmatised by populist rhetoric
octobre 29, 2010
University studies in Malaysia for young Muslim students from European countries
novembre 24, 2010

EMU participated in the World Halal Forum Europe in London

How is the European halal market developing? It was with this question in mind that an invitation was extended by the World Halal Forum Europe to a two day forum in London about the future of the European halal market.

The woman who is the founder of the forum, Hajja Jumaatin Azmi, reminded people in her opening address to the forum of the « importance of Europe for the development of a global halal industry ». The European halal  foodstuff market has long since achieved a turnover of billions, already more important than the market in some Arabic states, and is supplied by Muslim and non-Muslim producers from all over the world.