septembre 8, 2014

« What the official Muslim communities here have to do is to come together »

Interview with Dr Xhabir Hamiti from Kosovo about the recents arrests of radical elements in the Balkan08 EMU news: Dear Dr Xhabir Hamiti, in the moment […]
août 4, 2014

A Muslim Voice from Ukraine

Praying for Peace, Struggling for Freedom. An analysis from a Muslim viewpoint by Prof Dr Mykhaylo Yakubovych The tragedy of MH17 flight, when 298 innocent people […]
mai 26, 2014

One of the most urgent challenges

Press declaration: The European Muslims are condemning in unison crimes and ideology of the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq Without any doubt, one of […]
mai 3, 2014

Solidarity with an embattled minority

EMU Ukraine Hearing, Berlin, 3 May 2014 Berlin (EMU) – At the invitation of the European Muslim Union (EMU) Foundation and the Islamische Zeitung (IZ), a […]
janvier 2, 2014

European Muslims condemn terrorist attack in Russian town of Volgograd

STRASBOURG (EMU) – The latest bomb attack in the Russian town of Volgograd was the 33rd of its kind since February 2013. According to available sources […]
décembre 18, 2013

International Symposium on Intellectuals who illuminated the Muslim World, Istanbul 13-15 December 2013

Organised by the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Waqf for Thought and Art, an international symposium took place in Istanbul during the weekend 13-15 December 2013. The Honorary […]
décembre 12, 2013

EMU press declaration: One of our Main Future Tasks

Strasbourg (EMU) – The publicly debated case of the German introduction of the newly founded science of an “Islamic Theology” at five German university sheds a […]
novembre 24, 2013

« 4th Bosphorus Summit » of the International Cooperation Platform (ICP)

During a recent visit to Istanbul, Abu Bakr Rieger, President of the EMU attended the « 4th Bosphorus Summit » of the International Cooperation Platform (ICP). Held under […]
novembre 5, 2013

ECRI Press Release 25.10.2013

ECRI urges Europe’s governments to address trends in racism and intolerance Press Release – Strasbourg, 25.10.2013 – European countries need to come to terms with their […]