mai 14, 2015

“Together Against Islamophobia” in Budapest

14. May 2015 EMU participated in week-long symposium by FEMYSO and CCIB under the auspices of the Council of Europe. (EMU) – FEMYSO (Forum of European […]
avril 29, 2015

A Convincing Vision of Peace

29. Apr 2015 At the invitation of the Government of Azerbaijan the EMU took part in a conference in Baku on the role of Islam in […]
avril 15, 2015

The King of Morocco is intend on stimulating the creation of new Imams in France

New Approaches: His Majesty, Mohammed VI., recently opened an institute at the university of Rabat in which there is going to be a well-balanced education for […]
mars 18, 2015

Crimea : One Year After

The human rights association Amnesty International has published its report about violations of the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association in Crimea “One year […]
février 7, 2015

7th COJEP Award Ceremony in Strasbourg

The NGO COJEP International awarded several personalities and their work from different walks of life – including EMU President Abu Bakr Rieger On 30 January 2015 […]
janvier 28, 2015

A contravention of European standards?

Restriction of religious freedoms: the Italian province of Lombardy intends to impede the construction of new mosques According to news reports, the Northern Italian province of […]
janvier 8, 2015

PEGIDA certainly does not represent the spirit of Goethe or Frederick the Great

EMU calls on the European media to recognize the positive role of Muslims in Europe and not indirectly contribute to the strengthening of the right-wing populist […]
janvier 1, 2015

3rd arson attack on Swedish mosque

3rd arson attack on Swedish mosque underscores need for solidarity STRASBOURG (EMU) Another – the 3rd in a row – mosque in Sweden was attacked by […]
octobre 1, 2014

The Search for a Muslim Identity

A self-discovery about the place of Muslims in Europe and Germany, co-organised by EMU (EMU) – In cooperation with Islamische Zeitung (Islamic Times, Germany’s only Muslim […]