janvier 10, 2016

European Muslims – The Law-abiding Cornerstone of Society

Strasbourg (EMU) – The criminal actions on New Year’s Eve in front of the Cologne Central Station – as well as in other large German cities […]
novembre 14, 2015

Nihilism in Paris

The European Muslim Union is shocked by the brutal violence in the French capital.
 Strasbourg (EMU) – The terrible assassinations and murders in Paris, evidently committed […]
octobre 1, 2015

Europe’s search for new Substance

The Muslims of this Continent are an important Connecting Element. By Abu Bakr Rieger The “Ode to Joy” is the great hymn of Europe. However, more […]
septembre 8, 2015

An important element for European Islam

Bulgaria: EMU president Abu Bakr Rieger spoke on 29th August during a conference of Imams (EMU) – EMU president Abu Bakr Rieger attended on 29th August […]
juillet 21, 2015

Eastern European and Baltic states want no Muslim refugees

EU plans: Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and other states are refusing to accept quotas for refugees Warsaw/Strasboug (EMU) – As has been reported by European […]
juin 24, 2015

Defending the rights of the Uyghur Muslims

The European Muslim Union is supporting the open letter of CAIR, asking the Chinese President to End Denial of Religious Freedom for Uyghur Muslims With great […]
juin 15, 2015

Between traditional communities and Central Asian immigrants

From “Asian” to “European”: Russia and its Muslim minority. An essay by Abdullah Rinat Mukhametov It is much written and told about Islam in Europe and […]
juin 14, 2015

Opening New Horizons of Islamic Memory in Ukraine

Dr. Mykhaylo Yakubovych (Ostroh, Ukraine) about the Muhammad Asad Islamic Cultural Center in Lviv Ostroh (EMU) – By June 5, 2015, “Western capital” of Ukraine (as […]
juin 5, 2015

A European Problem

The expert Dr Ineke van der Valk about her research of islamophobia in the Netherlands ISTANBUL (ProMosaik/EMU) – The present report Monitor Muslim Discrimination is my […]