Introduction of the President

Islam belong to Europe

President of EMU - Andreas RIEGER

The past decade has not only been impacted by innovation in information technology, but in addition through a global economy. For we Muslims, globalization has only been a minor sensation, since we have been globally connected for centuries.

The united Europe allows for close cooperation between Muslim in Europe.

Life in Europe has changed. The effect of the presence of millions of immigrants can be seen through a visible cultural contribution, the image of our cities has changed, there are now many mosques, and entire districts have been impacted by immigration. European Muslims, from Moscow to Madrid are rectifying the false notion of Islam as “foreign” Immigrant religion.

A new generation of Muslims who speak European Languages, Today feels at home in Europe and are demanding the rights they are entitles to as citizens in all European States. The number of Muslim in Europe is not only growing steadily, but rather Muslims are also able to confidently refer to Europe’s Islamic Heritage.

Whether it be in the Southeast, in Sicily or in Andalusia. For Centuries, important scholars and thinkers considered Islam to be the deepest source of inspiration.

Only an open-door policy can overcome the present skepticism surrounding Islam in Europe. It is natural for the European Muslims to organize themselves as efficiently as possible, to coordinate their media projects or to plan common economic and cultural activities. Today, it is currently Muslim businesspeople who are giving a positive impression of Islam. Our social competence, for example Muslim foundation and NGOs will become ever more important for the peaceful living together of the people of Europe.

Alongside the strengthening of Muslim solidarity throughout Europe, the education of our youth is immensely important. We want that our young people are protected from extremism through a correct doctrine, that they are able to practice their religion in peace and that they feel at home throughout Europe.