août 5, 2009

Ethnic Profiling in the European Union

New Evidence Reveals Police in Europe Target Minorities Excessively Pervasive use of ethnic and religious stereotypes by law enforcement across Europe is harming efforts to combat […]
août 7, 2009

Honorary President of the EMU Foundation visits the Islamic University Rotterdam

On 30 August, on invitation from the Business Club of the Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR), the Honorary President of the EMU, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Yalçıntaş […]
août 15, 2009

European Halal Development Agency

Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum, has been given a leading role in establishing a European standard for halal compliant produce. […]
septembre 17, 2009

EMU welcomes Ramadan Encounters

Once again, in many European countries politicians are responding to Muslim invitations to attend Iftar evenings. As is usual in European countries, this year’s Ramadan, and […]
septembre 24, 2009

Talk of the President of the EMU at the International Conference « Russia and the Islamic World ».

“Russia and the Islamic World: Partnership for the Sake of Stability” « Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great honour to have been invited to participate in […]
novembre 23, 2009

Study on Group-Focused Enmity alarms European Public

In many European countries, prejudice against foreigners, especially Muslims, is widespread. In our opinion at the EMU, many Europeans are unaware of the fact that Islam […]
décembre 1, 2009

Interview with the President of the EMU Foundation on the Swiss ban on minarets

The referendum in Switzerland on 29 November 2009 and its outcome have moved the public opinion and triggered an intense debate about rights to religious freedom. […]
décembre 1, 2009

Press release of the OSCE human rights office on Swiss minaret ban from 30 November 2009

Head of OSCE human rights office expresses concern about outcome of Swiss minaret ban referendum ATHENS, 30 November 2009 – The director of the OSCE Office […]
décembre 22, 2009

European Halal Market Outlook by Abdalhamid Evans

Senior Analyst, Imarat Consultants There is a useful feature available on Google, whereby you can see the interest in a particular subject, based on search frequency, […]