Training on countering hate crimes against Muslims
novembre 28, 2012
Building Bridges to the European Heritage
janvier 9, 2013

Building Bridges to the European Heritage

The European Muslim Union (EMU) invited guests to Weimar, the heart of German culture and the city of Goethe and Schiller for a one-day seminar on “Goethe and his relationship with Islam”.

Sulaiman Wilms, Chief Editor of Islamische Zeitung, Dr. Manfred Osten, Goethe Specialist

Weimar (EMU) – On 5th January 2013 the European Muslim Union, in cooperation with the Islamische Zeitung – Germany’s leading Muslim publication – and the Al Farooq Mosque and Center, Dubai, extended an invitation to a well-attended seminar in Weimar. In addition to the very interesting and informative lecture there was a thematic tour through the heart of German culture followed by a lunch with participants at which there was a chance for the guests to interact. Afterwards the guests visited the home of the great European and free thinker Goethe at the close of the event.