EMU ( European Muslim Union) is an organization representing Muslim citizens of Europe in Strasbourg. The idea of a united Europe, but also strengthening the engagement of Muslims in European civil society, are important concerns for us.

EMU promotes regular meeting and encounters among community leaders and active Muslims to facilitate co-operation, exchange and mutual support. EMU Holds its annual meeting, every year in a different European location. EMU joins in numerous Forum and decision-making bodies to actively shape the positive presence of Muslim in the Continent.

The EMU Founding conference ( Istanbul, May 2005). Announcement of the Istanbul Declaration : “ Islam belongs to Europe. EMU intends to support the peaceful and constructive role of the Muslim of Europe. European Muslim have a key role to play in the shaping of a multifaceted Islamic life in Europe. Furthermore, EMU Considers it should take a mediatory role between, the European Muslims and the Government and institutions of the European States.

EMU does not define itself as an organization with a political agenda which it would impose to its members to issue directives to member organization. We are a legal body, registered as a association into the association registry of Strasbourg court. EMU maintains close ties with the whole of the Islamic World.
European Muslims considers themselves as part of the European Societies in which they live: indeed the view themselves as the proof against the alleged confrontation between Europe and Islam.
EMU defends the local independence of Muslim Communities in Europe.
EMU organizes fact-finding mission about and understanding of the situation of Muslim communities; it encourages solidarity between Muslims and strives to secure the civic and Human Rights of European Muslims. It considers that the political representation of Muslims in the relevant deciding bodies is insufficient and aims to co-operate to improve this situation.
EMU decides on an annual basis regarding project of the European Muslims that are of importance all over Europe. EMU seeks support from all European Muslims for these recognized projects and for any initiatives involving new social models. The goal is to build up a specifically European Muslim infrastructures in the interest of Muslims living in Europe.