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EMU is an European association based in Strasbourg and represented in different countries amoung Europe, which work on the field of Human Rights, on the struggle against racism and discrimination, on the democracy, on the active citizenship, on youth, on living together in harmony and also on the intercultural dialogue. It aims to deepen the discussion on the place of minorities in European countries in order to build a more solidary society within the framework of a new Europe.

EMU registered in the European Union and with scope of activity throughout the European Continent.

Latest news and events

décembre 20, 2020

Getting Involved with EMU as a Volunteer or an Intern

On Saturday, December 12, we arranged a meeting between our new volunteers and our previous interns, during which we talked about the importance of association involvement […]
novembre 4, 2020

“Appalled by the crimes committed in the name of our religion”

EMU is presenting the position of an Imam from Germany on the latest atrocities in France and Austria Strasbourg – The latest terrorist attacks in France […]
novembre 2, 2020

A New Bauhaus

On the potential of Muslims and their participation in a new European idea Strasbourg (EMU) – In an interesting guest piece in the Sunday edition of […]

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- Andreas Rieger